Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Servers – Perfect Amalgamation of Control, Flexibility & Security

Are spamming attacks haunting you or, restricted access binding your website performance? If yes, this is the right time to gear up for result-driven dedicated hosting platform positioned by Databasedesigning.

Databasedesigning harnesses the advanced technology for delivering seamless business capability to the clients. We enable businesses to opt for their desired operating system including hardware to host their mission-critical websites.

Remember our hosting experts are just a click away! Get in touch with our experts to avail superior hosting platform tailored to meet your unique application/website requests.

Significant attributes of our dedicated server hosting plans:

  • Complete root access to the server
  • Freedom to select operating system and hardware
  • Flexibility to customize disk type, processors, bandwidth, storage capacity
  • Unique IP addresses & rapid server deployment
  • Routine data backup and restoration process
  • Guaranteed network availability & strict security parameters
  • Round the clock access to expert assistance